Saricie tries to find his place in the wild big traveling the world

I cannot find my place in this big wild world...
so I found the best alternative is just to travel all over it.

Updated in 7/2009

Chinese Version (c餤媩)

2007 was the greatest year in travel in my life. On May 26th, 2007, I stepped on the soil of Zanzibar Island (an semi-independent "nation" within Union of Tanzania) and officially visited my 100th country. Now I can call myself a "Centurion"

Last year, I moved to a complete new country to start a new job. It is a country with a total different culture than the ones I used to live in (This is the first time I live in an Islamic country). It is also located in a region I haven't traveled intensively in the past (Middle East). Hopefully my new life will bring more interesting stories and travels...

Watching the sun set on the waterfront of Stone Town, Zanzibar, May 26th 2007. It is possibly the most memorable sunset ever I will remember in my life. On that very same day, I reached my 100th country in the world! Bravo!!

Some anecdotes

  • Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
  • Now reside in: United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)
  • Number of countries (and special territories) traveled to : 108 - a number that symbolizes perfection and great karma (depends on how you define them: I use the definition of Travelers' Century Club); well, 110 if you count Doha (Qatar) and Bogota airports...
  • Number of airlines flown: 60 something (but many are out of business now)
  • Favorite city: Berlin, Germany
  • Favorite small town: Antigua, Guatemala
  • Favorite island: Zanzibar, Union of Tanzania
  • Favorite historic site: Angkor Temples, Cambodia
  • Favorite country: Peru
  • Favorite airline: Thai International Airway
  • Favorite non-Asian cuisine: French

This travel homepage of mine was launched on my very own birthday (29?, 25? or...) in August, 2005. After traveling to many different countries, islands, historic sites (many are UNESCO designated) around the world, taking a lot of pictures, and wrote many travelogues, I thought I would share them with my friends in a more systematic and organized way. So I decided to design a website (apart from my personal blogs) focusing only on my travel experience. Now, two years later, I'm glad that thousands of people (most of them I don't know) have visited these pages. Of course, it wouldn't hurt if there are millions of visitors to my page. So, passing this site to your friends if you like!

There is no "Guest Book" yet. But before I learn how to write the codes, you can always e-mail me at admin at saricie dot com

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Questions? You can contact me at Travel at saricie dot com

My Life, My Travel and My Stories

The following are some important trips I have made in the past 15 years. I only list the trips including at least one new destination in this list. Those that were underlined means that it can link to another page, usually a photo gallery of that trip. Enjoy It!

  • 1999 Trip to Peru - The Favorite Country in The World
  • 1998 September Trip to Spain and Portugal
  • 1998 Summer Trip to Malaysia
  • 1997 Autumn Trip to Russia
  • 1997 Summer Trip to British Columbia, Canada
  • 1996 Trip to Phuket Island, Thailand
  • 1996 Carnival Cruise Trip to South Caribbean Islands
  • 1995 Summer's Third European Trip
  • 1994 Trip to Ontario, Canada
  • 1994 Trip to Quebec, Canada
  • 1993 Christmas Trip to Texas
  • 1993 Summer Trip to Florida and Cruise Trip to Bahamas
  • 1993 Summer 11 weeks' Trip to Europe (including 4 Scandinavian Countries, Greece, U.K., France, and Germany)
  • 1992 Winter Trip to Egypt
  • 1991 Summer First Ever Eurotrip
  • 1991 Winter Trip to Southeastern Australia and New Zealand
  • Some Trip Made when I was a Kid in 1980s

    • First Trip in American West (California and Hawaii) in Mid-1980s
    • Trip to Japan and South Korea in Early 1980s

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