Eastern Europe Grand Journey w Summer 2006

Created August 2006

Chinese Version/媩

There are two parts of this journey: The first part "The Western Balkan Trip," I traveled mainly in the former Yugoslav republics, with the tour operator "Intrepid Travel". After the Intrepid tour was over, I also traveled backpacking in Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy (only Venice).

After an unpleasant interview in the US in mid-June, I decided to return to the Eastern Europe to continue my journey. This second part of tour was completely solo and independent. It was not easy since I am not a very outgoing person. I did not meet as many fellow travelers as I hoped. Also very unfortunately, my camera and digital camcorder were stolen on a night train from Poland to Romania (though they were stolen when this train was passing by Hungary) Warning: Do not take night train in these Eastern European countries if you can! The conductor and the custom officers are not even helpful once any bad thing happens!

Anyway, traveling in Eastern Europe was a mostly challenging but rewarding experience. Since my memory card was lost together with the stolen camera, I did not have too many pictures to post here for the seocond part of the journey. But I still hope you can enjoy them!

In front the Mostar Old Bridge, a 500 years old bridge that was destroyed in the Yugoslav War but rebuilt recently

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia, the grandest and most famous church in Bulgaria

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